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When it comes to Split boat tours, Five Islands Tour is at the top of the list. Not only that we visit Blue Cave on island of Biševo but we also stop for swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing on other top islands of mid Adriatic which includes Vis, Budikovac, Hell Islands (Paklenjaci) and Hvar.

We also offer 3 types of speedboats for Five Islands Tour:

Although all three speedboats stop in the same places, each of them has its cons and pros. It only depends which one you prefer. Also, price per person is a bit different, depending on the boat. The bigger the boat, the more fuel it spends and the other way around.

Five Islands Tour¸ also known as Blue Cave Tour¸ is the most popular excursion to mid Adriatic islands. Not only that we stop on the best locations such as Blue Cave and Hvar but you can also choose between three different types of boats.

You could say that the tour comes in three different sizes with three different price tags. Why three different options?

Because not everybody prefers the same type of boat. One is faster and cheaper¸ the other one provides more comfort and protection¸ while the third one is the biggest and also the most expensive.

So not only that you can choose the type of boat you like but you can go on the same trip with the boat that is within your financial limits.

Choose your boat

Five Islands Tour last around 10 hours. We leave from Split harbour between 7:30 – 8:00 AM and we are back in Split around 18:00 – 18:30 PM.

The price difference is based on the fuel expendeture which differs from boat to boat. Accordingly with different boat types¸ we created three different options for you:

Budget tours by Rip boat



When you choose budget option, you go with rib boats which are open from the sides.

Rib boats are among the fastest speedboats since they weight less and are more built for speed. They cut through the waves more easily and spend less fuel.

This is one of the reasons why our Budget Blue Cave Tour is so popular, especially during peak of the season when there isn’t such need for closed speedboats. So, not only that you save some money but you also get more speed and time.

105 €




Our speedboats for Standard Five Islands Tour include Enzo 35 and Mercan 34 which are specifically designed for transfers and excursions.

The front part of these boats is covered with roof and equipped with transparent roll-down side covers for protection against sun, wind and the rain. There is also a big sun deck in the back.

With their size of 11 meters, Enzo 35 and Mercan 34 are safe even when the sea is rough and yet small enough to visit all the hidden coves and beaches on the islands.

115 €




Our boats for deluxe option such as Colnago 35, Aliskaf 37 and Colnago 45 provide more space, comfort and luxury.

They also have toilet onboard, shower, free wifi and a cabin. Since they are bigger and wider, they also need to have a stronger engine or in this case, inboard engine.

However, their size, additional equipment and fuel expenditure makes Deluxe Five Islands Tour the most expensive, when it comes to these three.

125 €

Why is Five Islands Tour #1?

To simply put it, you visit all the best places on mid Adriatic islands, all in one day. That being said, you have enough time in each place. It is not just speeding from one island to another.

On some places we stop for 30 to 45 minutes, while on others we’ll stay for more then 2 hours. It all depends on the place and what it offers.

For instance, you don’t need to swim in the lagoon for two hours, one is enough. However, you need more time to explore Hvar and visit the fortress above the city.


We stop at Biševo¸ Vis¸ Budikovac¸ Hell Islands (Pakleni otoci) and Hvar. Among these five¸ Hvar and Vis are among the biggest islands of mid Adriatic.

Lagoon at Budikovac island and Blue Cave on island of Biševo are located around Vis. Palmižana beach at Hell islands¸ located in front of Hvar¸ is the best place to have lunch.

Five Islands Tour is composed in a way that the places we visit are one of the best beaches of mid Adriatic¸ natural phenomena you simply have to visit such as Blue Cave and one of the most popular locations in Croatia such as Hvar.

On this kind of tour you are never bored since each place is stunning¸ yet different from the previous one.


First destination is the Blue Cave on Biševo which is also the furthest point from Split. It takes between 1 hour and 20 minutes up to 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach it¸ depending on the speedboat.

After the Blue Cave¸ each of the following destinations is 10 to 20 minutes away from the previous one. Only the return back from Hvar to Split takes between 45 to 60 minutes.

We recommend you bring a shirt with long sleeves¸ especially if you are going a on a Five Islands Tour in spring or early fall. Afterall¸ we are going with a speedboat.

Besides the bathing suit¸ you might want to bring a towel¸ sunglasses¸ sunscream¸ hat as well as food¸ snacks or lunch money.

On the other hand¸ besides the boat¸ fuel¸ the crew¸ free drinks and the tickets¸ safety gear and snorkeling equipment are also included in the price.


Although you have free drinks on the boat¸ lunch is not included in the price. However¸ you have few options.

Cheaper option includes bringing your own snacks and food which doesn’t need to be in a refrigerator. You can also buy some snacks and food in local market¸ when we stop at Hvar.

More expensive option includes having a lunch in one of restaurants at Hvar or Hell Islands. Just remember that these two places are a bit expensive.

Usually the cheapest lunch in a restaurant¸ at Hvar or Hell Islands¸ is 100 kuna which is around 14 euros for one person.


Since Hvar is the last destination on Five Islands Tour¸ before returning to Split¸ you can use this to your advantage.

If you want to stay for a few days on the most popular Adriatic island¸ you can join Blue Cave Tour¸ visit all the best places and stay in Hvar¸ instead of returning to Split.

Basically¸ you can also use the excursion as a transfer. Just let us know in advance how much luggage you have


In order to have enough time in each place and visit the best islands in one day¸ the only way is to go with a speedboat.

Since the trip can be a bit bumpy¸ especially if it’s windy¸ we don’t take pregnant women and children 3 years old or younger on the speedboat.


Safety first! In case of bad weather or rough sea conditions, we hold the right to change the route or cancel the tour, for benefit of all passengers. This decision is made by captain. In this case, you have the right to shift the tour for some other day, or get a full refund.


Insurance, fuel and skipper, life jackets and snorkeling equipment are included in the price of the tour.

  • 01.04. – 15.06 & 01.09. – 31.10 at 08:00
  • 16.06. – 31.08 at 07:30

  • 07:30/08:00 Departure from Split Riva
  • 09:45 Sightseeing of Blue Cave
  • 11:15 Swimming break in Stiniva Cove
  • 12:00 Lagoon of Island Budikovac
  • 13:15 Free time in Palmižana bay
  • 16:00 Free time in Hvar Town
  • 18:30 Arrival to Split
  • Small group experience
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Blue Cave’s flickering light
  • Taste the best Mediterranean cuisine in Palmizana
  • Enjoy stunning Stiniva Cove and take
    memorable photos
  • Visit the single populated island of Budikovac
  • Visit ancient Hvar Town

The places you’ll see

Blue Cave

Visit Croatian natural wonder on picturesque island of Bisevo near Vis


Our first destination is breathtaking natural phenomena and one of the most attractive locations on the Adriatic, Blue Cave. It is located on small island of Biševo, near Vis.
As sun’s rays penetrate through an underwater opening of the cave and reflect from the white bottom, they illuminate the cave blue. This game of light and reflection creates opportunity for some beautiful pictures and unforgettable experience.
Next to Hvar and Stiniva, it is one of the destinations you simply have to visit, otherwise you’ll be sorry. The pictures you take will be a happy memory to your Croatian adventure which you can show to your friends and family.

Located on the southern tip of Bisevo island, this 160 meter long cave is adventurers paradise


Located on the southern tip of Bisevo island, just a short ride from the Blue Cave with our speedboats, is the Monk Seals Cave or Medvedina Spilja as it is called in Croatian language. The cave got its name after the Mediterranean monk seals who used to reside in these waters until the middle of the last century. Monk Seals today are one of the most endangered mammals on the planet Earth and sadly can no longer be found in these waters. This is mainly because the monk seals used to tear the fishermen’s nets feasting on all the fish they found inside which quickly made them the fishermen’s enemy number one.

blue cave tourSwim and snorkel inside the most beautiful bay and its famous cove on island Vis


Stiniva has been voted as the best beach in Europe, by tourists. It is secluded beach on the island of Vis which was created when the dome of the cave collapsed.

Now, what’s left is a pebble beach with crystal clear water, white sand at the bottom and a stunning clifftop backdrop. Its appeal is largely due to its inaccessible, hidden and peaceful charm, combined with unusual features.

Since there is no road to Stiniva, people on the beach are mainly tourists from the boat excursion. However, due to its 5 m (16 feet) wide entrance and the rope that also blocks the path, most speedboats anchor in front of the entrance.

Relax, swim and snorkel inside the peaceful turquoise lagoon of Budikovac island


After visiting Stiniva cove, we stop on Budikovac Island which is one of small, secluded islands located near Vis.
We anchor in the beautiful turquoise lagoon which is the best spot on the tour, when it comes to snorkeling. You can use the snorkeling equipment, that is on the boat, for free.
There is also a restaurant on the island where you can drink a coffee, have a brunch or go to a toilet.

Hell Islands

Experience traditional Mediterranean cuisine or relax in a beach bar


After these picturesque locations, we’re off to beautiful Hell Islands. Despite being smaller than Vis or Hvar, Hell Islands are one of the most popular destinations.
Two of the most popular beaches on the Hell Islands (Paklenjaci) are Palmižana and Carpe Diem beach.
Although they are both nice beaches, Palmižana has several restaurants, lounge bar, botanical garden and a nice sandy beach. On the other hand, Carpe Diem is mostly a party beach, especially during the night.

Enjoy the walk through the famous city of Hvar and its long and rich cultural heritage


Besides the clear sea, nice beaches and sunny days, you will found plenty of archaeological sites, stunning old buildings, monasteries, churches and ancient cultural monuments which speak about Hvar’s rich and turbulent history.
However, number one attraction is the old fortress located on the hill above the city. From the fortress you have beautiful panoramic view of Hvar and Hell islands. It takes only 15 minutes to the top, by foot.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for summer parties, fancy restaurants, small pubs or local taverns with Croatian music and homemade wine, you won’t need to look far. During summer, Hvar is known as the town that never sleeps.

Suprise destination

Since our Budget Five Islands Tour provides more speed and time for sigtseeing the islands, we often stop on one and sometimes even two additional destinations.

Additional destinations include town of Komiža or Porat beach. When it comes to visiting some of these suprise destinations, it depends where are we at the moment and how much ahead of the time we are.

This is only possible with Budget Five Islands Tour, thanks to the speed of Rib boats.


Meeting point:

Split waterfront next to the fountain

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