Planning a vacation in Croatia? Here’s what you need to know


You are planning vacation in Croatia but want to know more about our country, its history, the culture, best places to visit, most interesting towns, top islands, beaches and national parks? Great¸ you are at the right place. People usually prefer destinations considered exotic or romantic. That being said¸ Croatia can give you both as well as much more.

If you’re arriving from Europe¸ you won’t find it difficult to go on a vacation in Croatia since the country is located in the Central Europe across the Adriatic sea¸ opposite to Italy. Thanks to its favorable geographic position¸ you can visit Croatia and other nearby countries such as Italy¸ Austria¸ Hungary¸ Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro. It would be like vacation tour but let’s go back to the topic¸ vacation in Croatia.


Although Croatia is a small country with only 4 milion people¸ distinct differences between its regions provide diverse excotic¸ romantic¸ exciting¸ adventurous and above all unforgettable experience for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The country is geographically and culturally divided in 5 different regions:

Zagreb and the northern Croatia with old baroque cities such as Varaždin and Čakovec

This part of Croatia is best for people who prefer urban style of life and cultural monuments since Zagreb is the capital of Croatia with population of 1 million people. You can visit it any time of the year but the best time to see it is during winter months¸ especially during Christmas Advent which is among the best in Europe. This time of year¸ Zagreb looks like a huge Christmas Village with all the decorations¸ attractions¸ boutique wines, gourmet dishes and live music that revives its parks and squares.

Besides Zagreb¸ there are couple of smaller baroque towns in the region with stunning castles and historical monuments. For instance¸ romantic castle Trakošćan in Varaždin¸ the best preserved medieval fortification Veliki Tabor in Desnić and Ozalj¸ a beautiful picturesque town with rich history and marvelous nature.

Slavonia on the east with its valleys¸ National Park Papuk and town of Osijek

Truth to be told¸ this is the least popular part of Croatia, when it comes to vacation in Croatia. On the other hand¸ if you like peace and quiet¸ beautiful scenery and you don’t want to go to the coast¸ islands or the mountains¸ than the valleys and national parks of Slavonia are best suited for you. The main city of Slavonia is Osijek with its beautiful architecture that provides romantic walks along the shores of Danube river.

Lika and Gorski Kotar with National Park Plitvice

This is the mountain part of the country which connects the coastal part with the rest of Croatia. Lika and Gorski Kotar are comprised of picturesque countryside landscapes surrounded with lush green forests and clear lakes. You can visit it all year long. It only depends what you prefer. During winter months¸ this part of Croatia is great for skiing, snowboarding and winter holidays.

On the other hand, during summer people like to visit it to cool off from the heat as well as to visit stunning National Park Plitvice. Also, Lika and Gorski Kotar offer cheaper accommodation and they are only 1 to 4 hours drive from the coast, depending on your location.

Kvarner and Istria

This is the northwest part of the coast with the city of Rijeka as the biggest city in the region. Charming towns, beautiful beaches, peaceful islands, close proximity of Slovenia, Italy and Austria make this region very popular. Besides Rijeka, there are many other smaller towns which are bursting with festivals and tourists during hot summer months.

Charming town Opatija, Pula with its Roman Colosseum, Motovun with its film festival, Crikvenica Riviera with beautiful beaches and promenades, Rabac and Rovinj with their summer resorts as well as Poreč with its beautiful architecture are a guaranty for fun and romantic vacation in Croatia. National Park Brijuni, a group of islands, is the most popular and the most beautiful national park in this part of Croatia.

Dalmatia with Split & Dubrovnik

Dalmatia is region on the Croatian south with numerous beautiful cities to explore such as old town of Zadar with its unique sea organ, Šibenik or city of Kings and fortresses, Primošten with its beautiful beaches, stunning town of Trogir , famous city of Split with its vast Diocletian’s Palace, pirate town of Omiš, Makarska riviera with its long stretch of beaches and renowned old town of Dubrovnik, just to name a few.

While these charming cities lay on the shores of Adriatic Sea, there are also numerous islands along the coast of Dalmatia. Whether you are looking for romantic towns¸ peaceful islands¸ hidden beaches¸ picturesque national parks or unforgettable adventure¸ look no further. Dalmatia is your answer to perfect vacation in Croatia.

The best cities to visit in the region are Zadar on the north¸ Dubrovnik in the south and Split in the middle as capital of Dalmatia. Although there are numerous islands¸ Šolta, Brač¸ Hvar, Vis¸ Korčula and Dugi Otok are among the best. There are also several National Parks in the region but N.P. Krka is the most popular of all.


Despite being a small country¸ Croatia’s climate ranges wide depending on where in the country you are. However¸ on average, we have moderate winters and hot¸ dry summers. Because of the climate and the seasons¸ coastal part of the country is the best suited for spring and summer vacation¸ while Zagreb is the best for winter holidays. If you’re planning vacation in Croatia during summer¸ stock up on sunscreen¸ water and don’t forget the sunglasses.


Croatian food If you like mediterranean cuisine¸ you will love Croatian food. As any mediterranean cuisine¸ the menu is comprised of fruits¸ vegetables¸ olive oil¸ fish and wine. That being said¸ there are a lot of meat based meals but the ones you must try¸ if you like meat¸ are ćevapi and meat pie.

On the other hand¸ you have Soparnik which is authentic Croatian meal made of spinach¸ garlic and olive oil as the main ingredients. So¸ whether you’re are a meat eater¸ vegetarian or vegan¸ you will find a place for you. Thanks to development of tourism¸ there are all kinds of new restaurants opening every summer which not only have the diverse menu but they also provide a romantic atmosphere for unforgettable vacation in Croatia.


Sun, sea, beaches and the islands are the main selling point of Croatian tourism, especially when we are talking about summer season. Accordingly, you will see plenty of small boats, speedboats and yachts cruising from island to island, if you visit Dalmatia or Istria and Kvarner. Not only that you can choose which islands, caves and beaches you want to visit but you can also choose places that offer more privacy for you, your friends and family.

That being said, you can take a ferry to some of the islands, book private tour or rent a boat. With private tour you get a boat with the skipper which will drive you wherever you want. On the other hand, you can also rent a boat without the skipper, if you have a skipper licence. Regardless of your choice, don’t skip the islands.


Zlatni rat beach

Plenty of sunny days and stunning beaches are one of the main reasons why vacation in Croatia became so popular. With over thousand islands and more than 1700 km of coastline there are more than enough sandy beaches, secluded beaches, pebble beaches and party beaches to choose from. Just pick the ones that suit you.


Croatia boasts over two millennia worth of history, thanks to which it has rich collection of monuments, museums, castles and fortresses. Much of it is incredibly well-preserved. What is even better, you have entire towns which are centuries old. Besides Zagreb, Varaždin and Ozalj, there are even better towns for sightseeing on the coast. While you have Rovinj, Poreč and Pula with its roman colosseum in Istria, in Dalmatia you have old town of Šibenik, Primošten, Omiš, Korčula, Ston and especially Hvar, Trogir and Zadar.

However, two of them are in a league of their own and top locations for your summer vacation in Croatia. I am talking about Split and Dubrovnik. Split is capital of Dalmatia with massive 1700-year old Diocletian’s Palace located in town centre. The Palace was emperor’s vacation resort, built during Roman empire which was also used to film some scenes for Game of Thrones. Along with its outskirts such as fortress of Klis, 7 castles of Kaštela, ancient ruins of Salona and charming old town of Trogir, Split is invaluable historical and cultural center.

Old town of Dubrovnik, surrounded with fortified walls, is maybe the most beautiful city in Europe. Thanks to its stunning architecture, Dubrovnik has turned into one of the top modern tourist destinations in the world as well as desirable set for filmmakers. It is known as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and as glamorous galactic city of Canto Bight in Star Wars franchise.


If all that wasn’t enough for awesome vacation in Croatia, you can also enjoy in wine tasting, adrenaline tours, dive on stunning locations, explore picturesque national parks or hike to the mountain peaks to experience amazing view of the Croatian coast and its islands.

If you like adrenaline tours, you can try exhilarating Zipline experience, located near Omiš in a beautiful canyon of Cetina river. Besides Zipline, you can enjoy in rafting and kayaking on that same river. On the other hand, if you want to try bungee jumping, take your shot of adrenaline from Šibenik bridge which stretches above the gulf.

When it comes to snorkeling and scuba diving, it is not only popular beacuse of the shallow sea, thousand islands and amazing dive spots but also due to numerous shipwrecks, caves, underwater cliffs, rich marine life, giant mussels and the fact that it is very safe as it is closed sea, not an ocean.

However, people that want to stay on the shore during their vacation in Croatia, can also visit National Park Plitvice, N.P. Krka or go hiking to the top of mountain Biokovo near Makarska, Mosor near Split, Vidova Gora on island of Brač or to Paklenica National Park. Whichever place you choose, expect stunning panoramic views which will leave you speechless.


Top 10 things to do in Split

Split Travel Guide: Top 10 things to do in Split

On our Split travel guide we will show you what things you can do and which places are worth visiting, if you end up in Split or you’re planning to visit Dalmatia and its capital.

No matter at what time of year you decide to explore Split, you can always have a great vacation. That being said, if you prefer festivals, sunny days, beaches and swimming in crystal clear Adriatic sea, then spring and summer are the best time of year for your vacation in Croatia.

Top 10 things to do in Split


Explore Diocletian’s Palace and the old town. Diocletian’s Palace is number one, when it comes to top attractions in Split. It was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian which he intended to use as his retirement residence. Although it is called a palace, due to its size, it encompasses more than half of the city’s center. Rest of the area is filled with old town of Split which is spread around the Palace and towards the park forest Marjan.

Visit one of Split museums. If you’re a fan of history, medieval architecture and old monuments, Diocletian’s Palace by itself is a great sightseeing spot. However, you have plenty of museums in and outside the palace. When it comes to Split travel guide, look at these museums as a guide through the rich and turbulent history of the town and our country.

Take a bike tour or go for a hike through the Park Forest Marjan. Lush green lungs of Split, located on the hill next to the old town and surrounded by Adriatic Sea are one of the places you simply have to visit. At the top of the hill you can enjoy in the view of surrounding area and the bay. Besides rich vegetation, Marjan also has numerous hike and jogging trails, old churches, two tennis courts, small football field, a playground for kids, pony rides, a restaurant, plenty of beaches as well as maritime research institute. Marjan is only 20 minutes away from the city’s center, by foot, and it is perfect for a fun tour around the peninsula on a sunny summer’s day.

Cool down on one of Split beaches. Besides the beaches around park forest Marjan such as Obojena, Kašjuni, Prve Vode or Bene, there are great beaches on the rest of Split coastline. For example, there are shallow sandy beaches such as Bačvice and Firule, just 15 minutes of walking distance away from the center. Also, you have very popular Žnjan plateau with long stretch of pebble beaches as well as beautiful beaches in surrounding suburbs of Split such as Stobreč, Kaštela and Trogir.


Take a day trip and visit surrounding towns. Although Split is metropolis of Dalmatia and the main place to visit, there are several towns around Split which have their own secrets. You have Solin which is charming small town and a location of ancient Roman city of Salona, once a capital of Dalmatia. Next to Solin is Kaštela with its 7 medieval castles. On the western side of Split riviera is stunning city of Trogir with beautiful baroque architecture. On the eastern side, you have Stobreč and Omiš. Stobreč has wide beach and plenty of cafe bars next to the sea, while Omiš has the best beaches in the area and was home of the pirates, a long time ago.

Enjoy in vibrant nightlife and summer parties. Although you have plenty of clubs in Split and surrounding towns, when the summer comes, nightlife becomes even crazier. Not only that tourists from all over the world spice up the atmosphere but you also have numerous summer festivals, beach parties and live concerts. The most popular clubs in town are Vanilla, Central, Fabrique, Jazzbina and Tropic. When it comes to beach parties in Split, they are usually organized on wide and shallow Bačvice beach. Also, during the Ultra Music festival main stage is at the city stadium, called Poljud.

Go to a shopping in one of Split malls. Our Split travel guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the best shopping malls which includes Joker, City Center One, Salona Mall and Mall of Split. Although shopping Center Joker is located somewhat close to the center, the best ones are Mall of Split and City Center One. These two not only have plenty of stores, restaurants and movie theaters but they are also located few kilometers apart from one another which makes your shopping tour much simpler and less time consuming.


Visit mid-Adriatic islands or National Parks. Besides exploring Split and charming towns of Split riviera, you can also visit national parks and mid-Adriatic islands. Since they are bit further and taking a taxi or a bus isn’t convenient, you will need to have your own car or rent one, book an excursion, take a ferry or rent a boat. At the end of the day, you have plenty of options, if you decide to visit National Park Krka, N.P. Plitvice or mid-Adriatic islands such as Brač, Hvar, Vis or Šolta.

Book a Private Tour which suits you. If you have a trip planned in your mind for you and your family, you can book a private tour. Not only that you can choose which places you want to visit, when you want to go and when you plan to be back but you can decide how long you want to stay in each place. It all depends what you want.

Go snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear Adriatic sea. If you don’t want to visit national parks, some of the islands or medieval towns such as Dubrovnik, explore rich underwater world of Dalmatia. Not only that Croatia has more than thousand islands and crystal clear sea but there are many great diving spots, thanks to long maritime tradition and turbulent history on this side of the Adriatic.


There are some activities on the list which are best suited for spring, summer and early fall.

During winter months, you can’t enjoy on beautiful beaches of Split riviera, there are no crazy summer parties and it is not that warm during your visit to Krka, mid Adriatic islands and especially N.P. Plitvice. That being said, there are not that many tourists during that part of the year and most places you have just for yourselves.

We hope some of these tips and activities mentioned in Split travel guide, help you with planning an awesome Croatian vacation in Split.

Acommodation in Split


Split accommodation includes best hotels, luxury villas, top apartments and cheap hostels, all reviewed by guests. Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and metropolis of Dalmatia. It is located in the​ region best suited for an unforgettable spring and summer vacation. There are also numerous accommodation options. Split accommodation includes the best hotels, luxury villas, top apartments and cheap hostels, all reviewed by guests.

You can find several apartments and vacation houses with direct contact to the owner. We don’t book these accommodation rentals or take commission for it. So, you can avoid paying booking fees by making a reservation directly from the owner.

Before you rent an apartment you can check it on Booking or Airbnb websites and check their reviews, pictures, available dates, prices etc. When you find the apartment that you are interested in we will help you connect with the owner by providing you with his/hers phone number.

You wonder why we provide this service commission free? Because we are locals who were born and raised here. Our buisness isn’t renting apartments in Split, besides our own apartment Dalmatian. We focus on organizing excursions and private tours.


Every year there are more and more hotels being built in the city itself and the surrounding suburbs. However, the best and the most luxurious hotels in and around Split are:

These hotels feature luxurious rooms, free use of gym, spa and wellness, casinos, clubs and pools. Some of them have private beaches and are located next to the sea, while others such as Le Meridien Lav in Podstrana, have their own marina.

Average price of a hotel room for one night is between 100 € and 500 €, depending on which type of accommodation you prefer.


Split is a touristic center of Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia surrounded with several smaller towns. Based on this fact you will find a larger choice of villas in Split, particularly in rural areas for you to rent.

Being an attractive touristic city, Split can be expensive when it comes to accommodation, especially when you look to rent a villa. On the other hand, suburbs around the city provide cheaper options with more or less the same amount of luxury.

That being said, these villas go on a weekly basis between 1000 € to 5000 €, depending on the time of the year, luxury and their location.

Luxury Villas in Split area:

  • Villa Castello Split located in Meje (Split’s version of Beverly Hills)
  • Villa Penthouse – Split owned by Radisson Resort
  • Villa Red Land or Villa Greta (beach villa)
  • Luxury Villa Luminosa located in suburb of Split
  • Villa Tomislav located in Meje
  • Villa Bila near Split centre

Although you can find some villas on booking.com and Airbnb, we recommend checking out luxuryretreats and myprivatevillas.


If you are looking just a place for sleepover and you want a cheap and clean accommodation, there are plenty of hostels you can choose from. Among the most popular ones are:

  • Design Hostel Goli & Bosi
  • Hostel Split
  • Hostel Split Backpackers
  • Hostel Booze & Snooze
  • Al’s Place
  • Tchaikovsky Hostel Split

Prices in hostels are calculated per bed. You can expect to pay anywhere from 13€ to 35€ per night, depending on the season and a type of room you choose. You will get essentials such as Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, 24 h reception, lockers, bars, and shared living space.

Hostels are basically dorm rooms where you don’t have much privacy. They are places with a good vibe and energy. If you are a solo traveler and like to meet other travelers then these hostels are perfect for you.

To find and book a hostel that best suits you we recommend tripadvisor as best website for this type of accommodation in Split.

Split Accommodation – APARTMENTS

Apartments in Split offer ample of space, tons of privacy, and a great value for money. You have numerous options to choose from, when it comes to pay grade and luxury that best suits you.

Apartments in the center are more expensive than the ones in the suburbs such as Solin, Kaštela, Stobreč and Trogir, where you will usually get a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment for the lower price. Public transportation, taxi and Uber are well organized.

Before you make a reservation take in consideration the location of your apartment. Also, check what types of transportation and car rentals are available in your area if you’re arriving without your own vehicle.

Split Accommodation divided by zones

Best romantic restaurants in Split


Romantic restaurants in Split

When you go on vacation with your loved one, there’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a delicious meal for two in one of the romantic restaurants in Split.

These restaurants provide romantic atmosphere, thanks to modern design and breathtaking view. On top of that, they provide delicious food and, more often than not, a rich collection of wine. Travelers to Split can get overwhelmed with various choices, when trying to select the perfect place to dine with that special someone.

From promenade eateries to charming bistros, there are a large variety of restaurants in this wonderful city.

Also¸ Split by itself can be quite a romantic town¸ especially during spring and summer when it’s full of colors¸ lights and festivals. During dinner, you can enjoy in beautiful views of the 1700 years old Diocletian’s palace¸ and later on, you can take a stroll to the beach or to the surrounding mountains, to enjoy a romantic sunset over the Adriatic Sea with your loved one.


romantic restaurants in split


These are the best restaurants in Split¸ when it comes to breathtaking view and romantic setting. Check their reviews and pictures on tripadvisor:

Terrace Vidilica is located on the hill above the city, close to the south side of park-forest Marjan and offers an enchanting diner experience with breathtaking views that you will never forget. Not only does this restaurant have one of the most romantic locations in the whole city, with the famous old town Split right in front of you, it also serves great food and has great selection of wine. You do need to walk a bit up the stairs to get to it or take a taxi, cause free parking places are rave around Vidilica.

Restaurant Dvor is overlooking sandy beach and it is just a short walk from the center. It is probably my favorite romantic restaurant in Split. Restaurant Dvor offers high-end Mediterranean cuisine as well as traditional Dalmatian dishes. with reasonable prices. The thing that makes this place particularly special is its spacious outside terrace and its venue with a marvelous view of the sandy beach and nearby islands¸ where you can watch the waves splashing on the shore.

The Caper Grill is located in the hotel Radisson Blu. Since Radisson Blu hotels are among the best¸ their restaurants try to keep up to the highest standards. The Restaurant is wonderfully decorated with excellent Mediterranean food menu and enough flair to elevate it to a fine dining experience. With its fabulous view of the bay, the Caper Grill makes the list as one of the best romantic restaurants in Split.


We can also recommend restaurants Adriatic Graso and Zrno Soli located near the ACI marina as well as newly opened restaurant F De Mar and the restaurant Re di Mare, located on the other side of town.

If you want something extra special to surprise your partner besides taking him or her to one of romantic restaurants in Split just let us know.

You can rent a boat or book a private tour for the two of you to embark on a romantic sail to a nearby islands or hidden beaches.


Nightlife in Split: Best Places for fun

Nightlife in Split: Best Places for fun night out

People who are seeking night entertainment never get bored of nightlife in Split. You can choose between numerous bars, cafes, clubs, discos, pubs, and live music. From alternative to classy there is a club scene for every taste. We will show you the best clubs, beach parties, festivals and destinations for a fun night out.


If you prefer warming up before hitting the clubs, we recommend these places: Many bars are located in the Diocletian’s Palace and at the promenade such as Inbox, Rooftop 68, Paradiso, Luxor or Antique.

Popular places for many locals, in the evening, are Matejuška and Split’s “west coast” since it is cheaper to buy a beer and enjoy it with your friends on the bench instead of visiting some of the more expensive caffe bars in the city’s center.


Vanilla Club is the most popular place in the city and definitely the best place to party and have an amazing night out in Split.

Vanilla is Split’s favorite gathering place and a synonym for fun night out. If you want to be part of the best summer party in the city, Vanilla Club is the right choice for you.

Throughout the years, the club’s offer has expanded which includes its services and the club’s surface. There is a dress code in effect if you want to enter the club. Entrance is usually free, besides on special events when some popular local or foreign artists are performing.​


One of the best sound systems available makes the Central club a perfect oasis for those who desire an unforgettable get away.

Spacious dancing area, swift service and best music in town guarantee a safehaven for all guests. A 360 degree renovation of the former ‘Central’ Cinema has now turned this place into a two floor nightclub with four bars, VIP lodges and state of the art sound.

Central Club is open every night during the summer and it’s the most famous for various thematic events and special nights. Music diversity is strengthened by professional performers renowned DJs attractive and acrobats who create unique clubbing experiences.

Fascinating Club interior in the heart of Split just help with providing great experience, when it comes to nightlife in Split. Also, entrance in the club is free.


Boasting coffee and cocktails, barbecue and pub fare, Fabrique is the first of its kind in the city. The menu combines classic pub fare with a modern twist and Croatian spin to bring it all together.

The Fabrique is stunning, classy and cozy place which works during the day as a restaurant and during the night as a club.

It has a lovely industrial-style interior, while the pub is located in the center next to the waterfront. ​ It is favourite among the​ middle-age population, most people being in the 21+ age range.

Bacvice beach BAČVICE BEACH

Bačvice is one of the most popular sandy beaches in Split and it is also one of best places when it comes to nightlife in Split especially during the summer.

Sometimes it is the host of many music festivals, but also the residence of many clubs and bars aligned along the shore.

The most popular clubs and bars are Tropic Club, Caffe-Club Bačvice and La Playa Beach Bar & Club. Bačvice beach is the most popular place in town among the locals and tourists, especially during the night. If you want to meet tourists from all over the world who are having their vacation in Split, Bačvice beach and its clubs and bars are the best places in town.

Ultra Festival Split ULTRA FESTIVAL

When we talk about nightlife in Split¸ we can’t forget to mention Ultra Music Festival. It is the biggest music festival in this part of Europe which is organized every year. It attracts visitors from 140 countries around the world¸ while only a third of festival-goers are locals. This speaks volumes since attendance of Ultra Music Festival in Split goes up to 150.000 visitors.

Festival has top tier line-up with the world’s best EDM¸ house and techno music DJ’s in combination with amazing production and unparalleled stage designs. Split as famous tourist resort with its Diocletian’s Palace¸ rich cultural history¸ numerous beaches and mid-Adriatic islands in front¸ provides perfect place for one of the best summer parties in the world.

Nightlife in Split – Find your place on the map

We marked all the best clubs in Split with red, Ultra festival with green, island parties with yellow and Bačvice beach with blue:


Top 10 Croatia Beaches – Find your slice of paradise

Croatia Beaches: Check the pictures & find their location

Croatia beaches is one of the most googled search terms associated with our country. With over thousand islands and more than 1700 km of mainland coast, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to pick from.

Zlatni Rat beach 1. Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn

Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn is the most popular beach on this side of Adriatic, located on the Brač island. When you see it the first time, you quickly realize why. Its unique shape, the fact that the beach changes shape with changes in wind direction, plenty of wind surfing activites, caffe bars and restaurants surrounded with pine trees as well as close proximity of Bol town, its no wonder Zlatni Rat is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

Although you have few options for visiting this marvelous destination, we created a full day tour for exploring town of Bol and relaxing on famous beach of Zlatni Rat. Not only that you have plenty of time for enjoying in this paradise and soaking up the atmosfere but we also serve coffee, snacks, lunch and drinks on the big luxury boat which is all included in the price.

Stiniva Beach 2. Stiniva Cove

Stiniva Cove was voted as the best beach in Europe by tourism organisation, “European Best Destinations”. It is famous because of its shape which is a lot different than other Croatia beaches. Stiniva was actually a cave, a long time ago, but the roof of the cave collapsed and Stiniva beach was born.

It has funnel like shape with wide pebbel beach inside, sandy seabed and narrow entrance to otherwise inaccessible beach. There is only steep and dangerous goat path that leads to the beach from Vis island. That is one of the reasons why Five Islands Tours is so popular since we also visit Stiniva Cove with a speedboat, besides other locations.

3. Lovrečina Bay

Lovrečina Bay is another gem of Brač island which deserves to be among the best, when it comes to Croatia beaches. That being said, while Zlatni rat is located on the southern side of the island with its horn facing the windy channel, Lovrečina is located on the peaceful northern side with the beach sliding into the “protective hug” of the island. Besides the shape of the beach, wind conditions and the location, environment and the surroundings are completely different, too.

There aren’t as many people on the beach because its a bit further away from the closest town on the island and there aren’t many places to park a car near the beach. People that do come are mostly locals which live nearby and tourists with private or rented boats looking to relax in this hidden paradise. Also, the shallow waters of this beautiful sandy beach, stretch almost to the half of Lovrečina bay which makes it great for kids and non swimmers.

Palmižana Beach 4. Devil’s Islands

Devil’s Islands is a group of islands, located in front of Hvar island. Despite Palmižana and Carpe Diem being the most popular, there are other beaches and hidden bays to pick from.

Although on our Five Islands Tour we visit popular Palmižana beach, if you want to have a secluded beach just for yourself, you would need to rent a boat . Not only that you can explore Devil’s Islands from top to bottom but you can also find a beach on which you would be the only ones.

5. Makarska riviera

Makarska riviera includes an area over 60 km long in the foothills of Biokovo mountain with series of long, mostly pebble beaches hidden in the shade of pine trees. Main tourist and economic centre of the region is town of Makarska. Besides Makarska, you have plenty of secluded bays in the area where you can find a little bit of privacy as well as beautiful beaches in towns of Brela, Baška Voda, Tučepi and Podgora which are known as some of the best beaches in Croatia.

6. Zrće

Zrće is long pebble beach on the island of Pag. Although beach by itself provides plenty of space and crystal clear sea, it is know as the one of the best party beaches in Croatia packed with young crowd, clubs and caffe bars. It is also known as Croatian Ibiza since parties last all day long. If you’re looking for place to stay while visiting Zrće beach, Novalja is the closest town located 4 km away from this party madness.

7. Bačvice

Bačvice beach is U shaped bay surrounded with promenade, sandy shores and pine trees which makes it one of the most popular Croatia beaches. The best of all, it is located in town of Split, close to the center. It is popular as family destination since it is very shallow which makes it great for kids and game of “Picigin” which originates from this very same beach. Cafe bars and night lights draw people from the town and surrounding streets, even after sunset.

8. Sakarun beach

Sakarun beach is located on the northwest side of Dugi island or Long island, when translated from Croatian. Due to its white sand, clear sea and pine forrest which surrounds the beach and gives its visitors so much needed shade, it got on our list of top beaches in Croatia. Sakarun beach is 800 meters long and at 250 meters off the shore, the depth is only 3,5 meters thereby providing wide and shallow area for swimming, especially for kids. Around the beach you have few restaurants, while you can find apartments in surrounding places such as Veli rat, Verunić, Soline i Božava.

Omiš 9. Sandy beaches of Omiš

Sandy beaches of Omiš are a group of beaches surrounding this old pirate stronghold. Omiš is located in Dalmatia, 25 km away from Split. Not only that the main city beach is smaller version of Copacabana but also the beaches in the camp and the ones at the west entrance to the town are all made of sand with shallow sea level and several caffe bars, restaurants and palm trees which provide shade to diverse group of visitors.

Beach Banje 10. Banje beach

Banje beach is one of the most popular Croatia beaches and number one beach in Dubrovnik. It is located near the center and old city walls. However, due to long flight of stairs, it is not accessible to the handicapped and those in poor physical condition. Marvelous view of the old town and the beautiful unsettled island of Lokrum is a unique quality of this famous beach. Also, as the day nears its end, beach turns into the most desired place for an elite night out.


Besides these top beaches in Croatia, there are several more that are worth mentioning since they almost made it on our top 10 list. These includes Queen’s Beach in Nin with the views of Velebit mountains across the sea, majestic moon-grey crescent of Spiaza beach at Susak island, charming Dubovica bay and Grebišče beach on Hvar island.

The list wouldn’t be complete without hidden islet of Proizd, hard to get Šunj bay, romantic Valalta Resort near Rovinj as well as remote Divna beach on Pelješac peninsula, Paradise beach at Rab island and charming Stončica bay on island of Vis.


We offer service of transfers, boat rentals and private tours. Since some of these top beaches are located on the islands such as Brač, Vis, Hvar, Pelješac and Dugi otok, you need some kind of boat. It is up to you whether you want just a transfer to your favorite beach or you want to rent a boat for yourselves, join an excursion or book a private tour.

If you want to visit or relax on some of the beaches located on the mainland, you don’t need a speedboat. In this case, cars and minivans are more than enough. If you want to relax on some of the top beaches in Croatia, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Croatia Beaches – Check the Pictures & the Map

We marked best Croatia beaches with red. Other beaches which didn’t make it to our top 10, even though they were close, are marked with blue on the map. Click on the mark, scroll through the pictures and find your favorite beach.

cheap food split

Cheap Eats in Split

Cheap eats in Split: Best fast foods & sandwich bars

If you are traveling on a budget and you are looking cheap eats in Split, you are at the right place. We will point you to the best fast food & sandwich bars, where you can enjoy in delicious and plentiful meals that don’t cost a fortune. These places are not only the best and the cheapest, but also our favorites.

Best cheap eats in Split

If you are looking for a quick and tasty bite, which is not overpriced, these are the places we love the most:

Fast Food Medeni is located at several locations across the town, nearest one being close to the west coast of Split promenade, several minutes of walking from the center. Along with hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries, you can also order meals such as mixed meat, pizza and a few veggie meals. They also serve ćepavi – grilled minced meat, usually served with onions and ajvar, a local specialty made of roasted red bell peppers¸ eggplant, garlic and vinegar.

Slastice Kod Mate is a bakery, and one of the favorite places among locals. It works full day every day, but is especially popular after clubbing. The place is known for the best donuts in town, filled generously with delicious chocolate or marmalade right in front of you. They also sell pizza, meat pie and other baked goods.

Kebab House is also the place to go, when it comes to the cheap eats in Split. The place is located just 5 minutes away from the Riva and they sell the best Kebab in town, which costs only 4 € with a variety of spicy dressings to choose from. They also offer other fast food, like chicken burgers, hamburgers, or ćevapi.

Kantun Paulina is a renowned place for takeaway ćevapi in the old town. They also sell hamburgers, chicken burgers, sausages and steak. There are only a few items on the menu, but mastered to perfection.

Rizzo Sandwiches is the oldest and the best sandwich bar in Split. If you don’t like other cheap eats in Split and want to have the best sandwich in town, Rizzo is the one for you. Similar to the famous American fast food restaurant franchise Subway, it offers different sizes of sandwiches, in which you can combine ingredients to your wishes – from dairy and meat delicatessens, to a whole variety of vegetables and toppings. In addition, their bread buns are homemade and all of the ingredients fresh!


Normally, the closer the restaurant is to the center of the city¸ the more expensive it is. Therefore, keep your eyes open and check the menu before you order.

In this regard, we’ve only recommended fast food and sandwich bars in the city center area which are among the best cheap eats in Split. You can look them up on tripadvisor, if you want to check their reviews or see more pictures.

That being said, if you want to find romantic restaurant in Split for your loved one, you can check them here.

Vege restaurants Split

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Split

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Split

If you are searching for vegetarian restaurants in Split, you’ve come to the right place.

Even though the majority of dishes in fast foods and restaurants in Split are meat or seafood based, usually you can also find some vegetarian friendly options on their menus, like vegetarian pizza¸ various salads¸ pasta or gluten free cakes.

But there are several restaurants in the Split central area, which serve only vegetarian and vegan dishes. They also offer gluten free meals¸ fresh smoothies, veggie burgers, fruit salads¸ sugar free cakes, along with craft beer¸ barley coffee and other healthy and green foods.


Check some of these places or their reviews on tripadvisor:

Marta’s Veggie Fusion, located in the heart of Diocletian’s palace, right next to Peristil, offers fantastic vegetarian/vegan food, and some gluten free options as well. You can find a wide range of dishes, including burrito bowls and wraps, curry, falafel, burgers, salads, soups and more. They also have a large selection of local craft beers, full coffee menu, fresh juices/smoothies and vegan and gluten free desserts. The place is small, but very cute and the food is all freshly made and delicious.

Juice bar Kokolo

Juice bar Kokolo is located in a prime spot, on the so-called “Fruit” square, right next to the Diocletian’s palace, just above the promenade, and close to the waterfront. It is only open during summer season, and offers excellent selection of fresh juices, fruit salads and cocktails, along with puddings, salads, fruit and veggie smoothies. It is a great place to relax after sightseeing, surrounded by old walls and buildings, and a great spot for a detox drink after a crazy night out.


Pandora Greenbox is a bit more expensive vegetarian restaurant, located in the center of Split, with a bar and garden area. They make a variety of vegetarian dishes, like beet tartare, vegan burger, truffle pasta, hummus with bread, pea soup, and beet risotto, fresh juices and cocktails, with some vegan options. Along with amazing food, they also offer a great atmosphere and professional staff.


UpCafe is a small vegetarian restaurant located just outside the old town. It offers delicious meals of whole, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Menu options include healthy vegetarian and vegan food, gluten free options, fresh squeezed juice, barley coffee, organic tea, cakes without sugar, oat porige, millet porige, wraps and snacks.

Vege Fast Food

Vege Fast Food is a small street food style vegan café, located in Split centre, just across the Inbox bar and next to the main marketplace. They offer various selection of traditional home cooked vegan foods and large selection of sauces. Food is served quickly and it is not overpriced. The place is not fancy, but the food is delicious, and extremely good value for money.


Along with vegetarian restaurants in Split, the city also has a wonderful health food stores and markets.

Pazar Market or the Green market is located in the old town, and is an open-air farmer’s produce market, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, honey, nuts, but also plenty of other commodities. Best time to visit is early in the morning. It runs along the east walls of the Diocletian’s palace, all the way to the palace’s Silver Gate. It opens early in the morning, around 7 AM, and closes by 2 PM, and the prices are rather reasonable, except maybe in high season. The market mainly offers seasonal fruits and vegetables, produced by local farms near Split.

Bio&Bio is one of the largest health food stores and can be found in 3 locations in Split and as an online shop as well. They specialize in organic products, vegan and vegetarian foods, eco-minded home products, natural cosmetics, and nutritional supplements.

Refužo has 5 locations in Split and is more than just a health food store. It offers organic food, but also traditional farm food, like a wide range of bulk food items including beans, seeds, lentils, oats and more. You can also find vegan supplements, over 100 types of medicinal plants, and the largest selection of honey here.

Zdravi Bili and Zdravi Đir are 2 smaller family owned health food stores located just a short walk from the Green Market, and offering a wide variety of products, including bio food, seitan and tofu, natural body care, supplements. You can even find a small selection of freshly baked vegan or sugar-free pastries in Zdravi Đir.

Whether you choose one of the health food stores or vegetarian restaurants in Split, we promise you will not stay hungry during your stay.

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